Technical Platforms

Powerful SaaS platforms for distributing digital codes

Voucher Express has developed a self-service, ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) platform used by retailers to manage their B2B orders for gift cards and digital. This heavyweight platform is regarded as best in class across the industry and is already used by four major retails to manage and distribute millions of £ Sterling, € Euro  gift cards and e-vouchers to their customers across multiple worldwide territories.

The platform is integrated with all major processors; supports multiple-languages and multi-currencies and offers full reporting and links to retail accounting processes.

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Used by retailers and other organisations to streamline their customer contact operations. The service is used in busy call centres to dispense e-vouchers instantly to customers covering compensation, complaint resolution and customer recovery.

Fully configurable, the Customer Service Platform supports multiple agents each with their own reward limits. Full reporting assists with financial auditing showing who issued what, to whom, when and why. Customers report significant cost savings over issuing gift cards by post and the immediacy of delivery contributes greatly to the quick resolution of issues.

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VEX Rewards is our premium business platform, a versatile cloud-based service used by business to dispense adhoc and discretionary gifts and rewards to employees and customers.

The system features single gifting to individuals or multiple distribution to larger groups with rewards send instantly with bespoke branding and messaging. Each instance of VEX Rewards can be configured to a client’s exact requirements including detailed User settings; manager’s approval; and choice of whether to issue single e-voucher brands, or pick from a range of up to 50 retail e-vouchers including M&S, amazon and John Lewis.

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